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"I wrote my screenplays in the hills behind Perth..."




In 1991, I was awarded an Alden B. Dow Creativity Fellowship to spend the summer in Midland, Michigan, researching the lives of six U.S. citizens between the ages of 80 and 101. I wove their memories into a play that celebrates some of the hard working, lovable people who formed this country…

The Same Square of Dust
This is the story of Charles Kingsford Smith’s historic flight across the Pacific Ocean and his ill-fated relationship with his co-pilot, Keith Anderson. (I also wrote a screenplay, using the same material).

My Name is Pablo Picasso
When I was artist-in-residence at the National Theatre in Perth, Lou Klepac, director of the Western Australian Art Gallery, asked me to write a play about Picasso. I wrote a Cubist play which breaks the traditional rules of theatre just as Picasso defied the traditional rules of art.

Skin Hunger
This is the story of a love affair told through acting exercises. The actors jump the story along, showing contrasting attitudes to love and exploring the difference between what the lovers say and what they do.

The Price of Pearls
A Filipino pearl diver’s daughter from Broome, a remote pearling settlement in Western Australia, has an affair with Charles Kingsford Smith, the pilot who later flew the Pacific Ocean.

Everyone’s a General
A family story, told through three daughter’s weddings.

A love affair set in a supermarket.

The New Life
A British migrant to Perth compensates for her loneliness by falling in love with her favourite radio disc jockey.